Final Project

This will be your last and biggest grade for the semester.  You can tailor it to your strengths as well.  I have in the assignment to write out a journal but if you rather make a NICE website or video you can do that as well as long as you answer the questions.



The Satire Paradox

Listen to Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast about The Satire Paradox here.  After listening, answer the following questions below.  Type out, print and turn into me by beginning of class on Monday March 13.


  1. What is the defintion of satire? What do you believe it is? Is it the same as what others think?
  2. Explain to me in 4-5 sentences the main argument of what Gladwell is discussing on the podcast. Do you disagree or agree? Why?
  3. He talks about Tina Fey/Sarah Palin, is the same argument true today with Alex Baldwin/Donald Trump.  Use examples of satire today as a basis for your argument.
  4. Historically do you believe Satire has influenced the public on people or policies? Have you even been persuaded by satire? Use examples in popular culture.
  5. Give me your favorite movie satire.  Why do you like the film? Is it still relevant today? Did it make a splash in popular culture? A good list of movies are here but it is not ALL satire films.